Monday, September 14, 2015

The Art of Rest

Do you know how to rest properly, dear artists? After spending a long day at the studio, all of us need some rest.
It may sound counterintuitive, but the best thing for you is not go straight home and then plunge in bed. Yeah, you need some exercise. Studies have shown that our bodies rest better when we alternate physical and mental activities. The brain and body switch between both activities – when one of then rests, the other is active and vice versa. Don't fall asleep on your desk like the cat below, get moving!

Being active keeps you happy

You know all those grumpy people who leave their offices and studios only to go home and again, sit on their coach and watch some television. Don’t be one of them. Sitting is killing you, you know. Try to get up and stretch a bit every now and then. Even if you spend your day on your feet, try to switch that to more active exercise. But why bother?

Let me give you three reasons:
  1.   It gets your creative juices flowing! Yeah, it really does. Studies have shown that the best ideas are born in the strangest of places. What a better time to focus on your future work, when you are out of the studio. When you go hiking in the woods, or go running, your creativity levels hit the sky. I must admit that some of my best creations were conceived when I was out, running or walking. Simply the act of changing your surroundings from the studio to outside, your clothes from artists gown to sports outfit, and kicking the work shoes for sports trainers (I personally recommend the models you can find here), makes your brain switch to another level. The level of creativity you’ve always wanted. 
  2.  It boosts you happiness: Every time you exercise or even do some physical activity, your brain produces those happy transmitters called endorphins. No matter what is the activity, the result is the same – more happy faces on earth. 
  3.   It improves your self-esteem and builds character. Sport means discipline. It also builds character. It really boils down to have the right attitude and the willpower to exercise regularly and keep on moving after the others have given up.
Don’t wait anymore. Don’t get stuck with the creative block. Go out and try it. You will be amazed of the results.

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