Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to Hang a Painting

How to Hang a Painting

Sooner or later every artist will encounter the problem of where and how to hang a painting. The wonderful piece of art needs special attention, don't just hang it somehow. If you truly wants other to be able to fully enjoy the fine art, there is a simple rule you need to follow. 
The centre of the painting should be at 57" from the floor.
But why 57" you might ask. It is because the painting is best viewed if on the height of the eyes. Average height of the human eyes is exactly.. yes, you guessed it, 57 inches. 
This is a standard used by most of the art galleries and museums.

How to actually hang the painting?
  • Measure the height of the painting and divide it by 2 (A)
  • Measure the distance from the top of the painting to the hanging wire (B)
  • Substract A minus B (C)
  • Add the result C to the initial 57" (D)
  • Measure your final result D from the floor and mark it to the wall. This is the spot where you will hang your painting.
Let me give you an example. If your painting is 30" tall, your A will be 15" (30 divided by 2). If the wire comes 1" below the top of the painting, then B is 1", and C is 15" minus 1", which equals 14". Your mark should be at 14" plus 57" or your hook should be at 71" from the floor.

In case it sound a bit complicated just keep in mind that the center of the picture have to be at 57".
Happy hanging!

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